How To Consign with Purdy & Posh

Thank you for considering consigning with Purdy & Posh.
Items are accepted daily, no appointment is required; however, if you have more than 30 items and don’t want to wait if there are other customers in the store, please make an appointment or plan to leave the items until we can get through them and give you a call.

Items We Will Accept

•Stylish Women’s Clothing in New or Almost New Condition
•Authentic Designer Items
•Designer Handbags
•Vintage (items that could be worn today)
•Accessories such as belts, scarves, and shoes.
•Shoes (worn once or twice, in “like new” condition)
•Handmade items such as Soaps, Candles, and Jewelry

Items We Do Not Accept

•Undergarments, sleepwear, lingerie, bras, panties
•Tee Shirts, unless designer or high end.
•Anything worn, pilled, stained, shrunken, or altered.
•Items that smell of Cigarette Smoke
•Anything that is not “in style” now, or is dated

How To Prepare

Pre-sort your items prior to bringing them in to ensure there are no items that won’t meet our standards (stained, ripped, out of date, wrong season). Select your in-season better brands* for consigning. Freshly launder and press those you wish to consign. There is no limit to the number of items you may bring for consideration.

If you have a carload, let us know, and we’ll bring our rolling rack out to your vehicle. Items must be brought in on hangers or be wrinkle free upon arrival. Your hangers are returned to you if you wish. Items such as jeans or soft knits may be folded in tubs. Items with odors, stains, damage or excess wear will not be accepted.

We do not accept dated items. Items left with us and later found to be unacceptable are automatically donated (sometimes we find a tear or a stain upon better inspection). It is your responsibility to present items in sellable condition.

Remember the better your things look the better they sell.

When You Arrive

When you bring your items in, we will select and price items that are best suited to our customers. Please understand if we cannot accept an item. We will ask you to review and sign the Consignment Agreement while we do a quick presort of your items.

The consignment period is 60 days. You will receive a copy of the agreement. If you would like an itemized list of your items please feel free to pop back in in a day or so once the items have been logged onto your account.

If an item is found to be damaged at any point it will be donated.

Purdy & Posh sets the selling price based on supply, demand, quality, condition, and style. If you have pricing concerns, please discuss with us before you leave.

When the consignment period is over the ownership of the items is transferred to Purdy & Posh for Donation. If you would like a donation receipt you may pick one up at any time after any items have been donated. We donate to various Charities in the area that help women in hardship Situations. If you know of a Charity that could use some items please let us know. We would love to help!

During The Consignment Period

Purdy & Posh will price and Market your items due to season and interest.
Payment: Payment for sold items is made upon request. Stop by anytime for monies due you. We do not mail checks as a matter of course, but will mails checks upon request. You may check the status of your account by calling or stopping by anytime. Accounts left dormant or unclaimed for 1 year are forfeited. Please remember to check in after your items are sold. We will do our best to safeguard your items, but we are not responsible for damage or loss.

Frequent Ask Questions

How long does it take to find out if you’re accepting my items?

If you bring your items to the store, we will tell you what we are accepting on the spot. An itemized list will follow via email outlining the prices within 3-5 business days. If you ship your items to us, you can expect an itemized list within 3-5 business days from the day we receive the package.

Is there any paperwork involved in the consignment process?

Every consignor is asked to fill out a short consignment contract in order to open an account with us. We need your address so we know where to send the checks!

How long will I need to leave my items with you?

Generally, we prefer that items be left with us for up to five months. They will have three months in our Frisco, Texas store, and may be selected for display in our online store.

Who owns the items once they’re in the store?

Your items belong to you until they are sold or put on deposit. We are happy to return any piece that hasn’t sold as long as you give us 24 hours notice. (We also sell items in our online store at our off-site processing center and these items may take longer to return.)

How are items priced?

We have many years of experience within the high-end fashion and designer consignment industry. We price each item according to our expertise and knowledge of the secondary market, always considering the retail value. Merchandise is reduced every 30 days by approximately 20%.

How much will I make?

We split the proceeds with our consignors 50/50 when the item sells.

When will I get paid?

Consignors are paid by check at the beginning of each month for items that were sold the previous month. If you prefer, you can use your outstanding balance to pay for items purchased in the store at any time.

What if my items don’t sell?

If your items haven’t sold by the end of the consignment period, merchandise can either be returned to you or donated to charity. Please note that Purdy & Posh does this as a convenience and that we are not a charity. We are not authorized to issue tax deductions. If you choose to have your items returned to you, Purdy & Posh will notify you via mail and asks you pick them up within ten days.

Can I donate my earnings to charity?

Absolutely. Many consignors choose to set up their accounts so that checks are automatically issued to their charity of choice.

Can I still be a consignor if I don’t live in or near Texas?

Yes, we adore our out-of-town clients. We have consignors who ship us merchandise from all over the country and from as far away as Hong Kong, Milan and Paris. However, in order for us to properly review each item, we have to see each treasure in person. You can ship your items to us for review.

Call us for more information on shipping items.


Account Donated to a Charity Option:

If you would prefer your balance to be donated to a charity you may give us the contact information and when your account has settled we can mail the check to your preferred charity.

Clothing Season Schedule:

Spring: January – MarchSummer: March-AugustFall: August- OctoberWinter: October-December


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