You might be asking what exactly is a “Too Good 2 Be Through Sale?

It is a personal sale I have on the 1st Thursday and Friday of every month at my home. This is how it works… I invite 15 to 30 women to bring me clothes, shoes, jewelry, home accessories they no longer want or wear.

I price everything, organize and have as many ladies that can fit in my home to come and shop. You get 70% of your things that sell, and I get 30%. After the sale is over you can either take your things with you, consign them at Purdy & Posh or I can donate them.

It’s that simple! You make extra cash and clean out your closet all at the same time. For more information about the rules click on the contract page.

To sign Too Good 2 Be Through Contract. Click image below.


Much love to ya!


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